Introduction to NumPy

Lately, I’ve been studying statistics and data analysis. I have beforehand knowledge of the Python programming language, so when looking at the two most widely used programming tools applied in this domain, Pandas and R, I chose Pandas – a software library for Python. Pandas uses another library in the construction of it’s data structures […]

ag-Grid String Comparator

I’ve been using ag-Grid and it’s pretty great for representing tabular data. The goal of the ag-Grid team is to create “The Best HTML5 Grid in the World”, and I think they’ve done that. Anyways, just by setting an option in the the grid’s configuration (i.e. gridOptions.enableSorting = true) you can make a grid (a.k.a. […]

Git Ignore Current Changes in a File

Recently, I was working on a Web project where the HTML page referenced external JavaScript files – a quite common scenario. The development/testing and the live version of the project were on the same server and used the same socket for hosting. This was on an enterprise platform where these constrains were operationally fixed. So, […]

PHP Find Videos in Directory

I use this PHP function to find videos in a given directory. It will find files recursively in the given directory (at the given path) and put them into the array provided.