Maven – Compiling JAR with Dependencies

Although I’m familiar with Java, I don’t use it day-to-day. To keep current with arguably the worlds most popular programming language, I decided to use Java in a project that I’m working on in my off hours. In that project (which gathers and analyzes economic data) I decided to use Maven. Even-though my small project doesn’t […]

Time Clock and Windows Dual Boot

Part of the standard way to handle time on computers is to set the hardware clock (a.k.a. the BIOS clock) to UTC. Then users can select a timezone for displaying as their system time. Contrary to this conventional way of doing things, the Windows operating system sets the hardware clock to the configured local time. […]

Recording and Replaying GPS Data

In my last post on the Arduino Uno, I took my first steps with the micro-controller and started getting data from a GPS module – the Ublox NEO 6M. Once I was able to receive data from the module – which was pretty neat by itself if you think about it, I wanted to actually […]

Getting GPS Data from the Ublox NEO-6M GPS Module

At work, we’re using microcontrollers. We use them to monitor equipment and the environment, also to control machines in ways such as automating tasks and/or responding to certain environmental conditions. I work on the enablement team, therefore it’s part of my mission to facilitate other teams in their goal achievement. The automation team is responsible […]