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Npgsql Insert Time Without Timezone

I’m just getting started with Npgsql for .NET Core Entity Framework and I ran into some trouble trying to do an insert into a Postgres table with a time data type. I initially tried to use a DateTime object, as worked with the date data type, but that didn’t work. The documentation said to use a TimeSpan, but I didn’t know what to span. Here’s what I did to get it to work.

PostgreSQL Quickstart

I’ve used mostly MySQL in the past, but a recent project called for working with PostgreSQL. The most immediate difference was that databases and schemas were semantically different. I took a liking to the DBMS – database management system, and plan to be using it in future projects. So, here I will notate some commands to quickly get up and running with PostgreSQL.

MySQL and Python3

MySQL and Python Logos

I’m using Python more and more so it’s not surprising that recently the need arose to connect to and insert into a MySQL database. I was using (and usually do) Python3, and I ran into a couple of issues in the begining. This post will document those issues and the solutions I found to get MySQL and Python3 to work together.

Meetup Members Analysis

I recently started a group on for folks interested in computer programming. This was my first time doing so, and I had not worked out where the group would actually meet up. The first step to fining a meet-up spot was to look at the membership role and find where the individuals were located. I figured Python and the data analysis library Pandas could help me with this task.

Git Ignore Current Changes in a File

Recently, I was working on a Web project where the HTML page referenced external JavaScript files – a quite common scenario. The development/testing and the live version of the project were on the same server and used the same socket for hosting. This was on an enterprise platform where these constrains were operationally fixed. So, the HTML page where I was doing the development work pointed to different JavaScript files (development JS files) than did the HTML file located in live repo (the live JS files). This difference – the location of the external JS files (development vs. live) – would always exist between the two repos, and I wanted to ignore this difference so I can use the two git repos to work on and maintain the project.

Installing Nodejs for Linux

This post documents the steps to install nodejs on a Linux system using console (terminal) commands.