MySQL and Python3

I’m using Python more and more so it’s not surprising that recently the need arose to connect to and insert into a MySQL database. I was using (and usually do) Python3, and I ran into a couple of issues in the begining. This post will document those issues and the solutions I found to get […]

Writing Web Scraped HTML to a File

I was working on a project for a client where I needed to scrape data from a Web page. I wanted to save the page to a file so that I wouldn’t be making requests to the server hosting the page each time I wanted to test my code. I was using Python3 and the […]

Meetup Members Analysis

I recently started a group on for folks interested in computer programming. This was my first time doing so, and I had not worked out where the group would actually meet up.┬áThe first step to fining a meet-up spot was to look at the membership role and find where the individuals were located. I […]

Group not Showing in SharePoint List

I recently had an issue working on a SharePoint list dealing with a User or Group column. When the list would initially load, the value for the column (i.e. the group name) was displayed but after a moment it would disappear. I found the solution by using JSON formatting to format the column values.

Introduction to NumPy

Lately, I’ve been studying statistics and data analysis. I have beforehand knowledge of the Python programming language, so when looking at the two most widely used programming tools applied in this domain, Pandas and R, I chose Pandas – a software library for Python. Pandas uses another library in the construction of it’s data structures […]

ag-Grid String Comparator

I’ve been using ag-Grid and it’s pretty great for representing tabular data. The goal of the ag-Grid team is to create “The Best HTML5 Grid in the World”, and I think they’ve done that. Anyways, just by setting an option in the the grid’s configuration (i.e. gridOptions.enableSorting = true) you can make a grid (a.k.a. […]