Getting GPS Data from the Ublox NEO-6M GPS Module

GPS Module
Ublox NEO-6M GPS Module

At work, we’re using microcontrollers. We use them to monitor equipment and the environment, also to control machines in ways such as automating tasks and/or responding to certain environmental conditions. I work on the enablement team, therefore it’s part of my mission to facilitate other teams in their goal achievement. The automation team is responsible for planning and execution of automation projects. As an application developer, I’m acquainting myself with the tools and techniques of their team to help enable them on the software side of things. For one of my first tasks, I was given a GPS receiver and an Arduino Uno.

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Vue.js v-for set Option Selected

I recently started working with Vue.js. I found it to be quite a well engineered product and a well designed framework. In the framework, one can use a v-for attribute within markup to to loop over data stored in their view model and with each iteration generate more markup. I was utilizing the v-for to loop over data to create <options> for a drop-down menu – a common usage – and I wanted to set a specific option to be selected. Continue reading

MySQL and Python3

MySQL and Python Logos

I’m using Python more and more so it’s not surprising that recently the need arose to connect to and insert into a MySQL database. I was using (and usually do) Python3, and I ran into a couple of issues in the begining. This post will document those issues and the solutions I found to get MySQL and Python3 to work together. Continue reading